Small Business Innovation Fund

Small Business Innovation Fund

Press Release about our new Restaurant incubator

We are finally under contract for the $2,259,820.00 SBIF grant we received to create a Business Incubator here in Colfax, Wa! We are so excited to announce the launch of this new Business Incubator, designed to help aspiring restaurant and business owners develop their business ideas and bring them to life. Our program will offer mentorship, guidance, and resources to help entrepreneurs create successful and sustainable business concepts.

Through our incubator, entrepreneurs are able to access support, marketing resources, and mentorship from experts throughout various industries. Our goal is to equip business owners with the necessary tools to succeed in today’s competitive market. With lower overhead and a solid foundation to launch your business toward success. 

Our incubator is open to receiving applications from all entrepreneurs, regardless of background or experience level. We are excited to offer this unique opportunity and look forward to seeing the fantastic concepts this program will bring to life! So if you want to bring your entrepreneurial concepts to life or strengthen your already existing business concepts, our Incubator may be the perfect opportunity for you! 

If you have questions, please visit our Q&A tab below before reaching out to us, as we’ve tried to address many questions regarding this Incubator Program. Have a question, not on the Q&A, that’s fine. Reach out to us! 

Interested in applying? The public can expect applications to come out by the end of January. And if you haven’t already, like our social accounts @colfaxdowntown to stay informed. Or frequently check our website for updates. 

What are the restaurant business incubator presentations?

We had an application window for interested applicants to apply to be housed in our business incubator. These specific presentations are for the interested applicants who submitted applications by the deadline and would like to start a restaurant in our incubator. These applicants will undergo a series of interviews starting with a one-on-one meeting with the CDA’s executive staff and hired restaurant consultant with over 20+ years in the industry. Next, each applicant will present their business concept on a public platform on March 11th, and provide a presentation, explaining their business concept in front of a panel of judges scoring their concept. These judges consist of CDA Executive Team members, our hired restaurant consultant, community leaders, and local business owners and citizens with experience in the hospitality sector. Community members of the Colfax and Palouse region are highly encouraged to attend these presentations and provide feedback on surveys we’ve put together for each applicant. We will have flyers at the CHS auditorium with a QR Code to access a survey for each presenter.

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